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Nissan Cube Stillen Exhaust System (Cat Back)

October 22, 2010 / by Jeff Avery

Still obsessing over the inequities of my new Cube…..ugh. Decided I hated the stock muffler/tip. Stillen makes a really great performance cat back exhaust replacement (Catalytic Converter Back) and I had a chance to try one out.

The install was beyond simple, took about thirty minutes total. The instructions were simple but great. All you need is a half inch drive ratchet, 14mm socket, a 14mm box end wrench and a can of some spray lubricant.

It took more time to remove the old system than it did to install the new (not that either were terribly difficult). The instructions say to use WD-40, or some spray lubricant, on the rubber mounts. I was hoping to avoid doing that so I struggled with the first two mounts using nothing. The third mount was a bit too difficult to get to so I gave in and gave it a quick spray. It popped of straight away so if you find yourself struggling, give it a quick shot.

The stock exhaust had a cap on the end of the mounts (the post that goes through the rubber bushings) that the new exhaust did not. The new exhaust was a MUCH better quality though so I didn’t overly sweat that. I’ll be keeping an eye on it though just to be sure. The new exhaust was much heavier and felt very solid.

The bolts holding the old exhaust on appeared to be welded in place but the new nuts were the same size/thread. I just screwed the new nuts onto the existing bolts with no issues. The old nuts were on there extremely tightly so you’ll want to really crank them down on the re-install of the new exhaust.

The new exhaust sounds just great. Not too obnoxious and it’s more of a low tone. I’m thrilled with it.

In case you would like to see the stock exhaust:

Stock Exhaust

Stock Exhaust


Instructions that came with the exhaust

Open Box

New Exhaust First Look

Old Exhaust

Old stock exhaust removed from Cube

Mount Post

This is the post that goes through the Rubber Mount. This one has an end on it to hold it into the mount where the new exhaust did not.

Rubber Mount

This is the rubber mount that holds up the exhaust. There are three. One on the right (if you are facing the back of the vehicle) and two on the left.

Here are some various shots of the installation. The nut on closest to the driver’s side is very close to the actual pipe so you wont get a socket in there. Make sure to use a box end wrench (see picture below) as these bolts are extremely tight and they will strip with an open end wrench.

I bolted the new exhaust in place first (not completely tight just snug) and then popped the supports into the rubber mounts. That seemed to work OK for me and it held the exhaust in place while I struggled with it.

14mm wrench

14mm wrench make sure to use the box end so you don't strip the nuts.

Installing the new exhaust


Completed Install

Completed Install

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