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Larin 5″ bench vise from Craig’s List

March 16, 2012 / by Jeff Avery

I grew up watching my Dad fix anything/everything. We rarely threw anything away it was always just fixed. That’s why I love Craig’s List because people are always throwing something away on there that still has a lot of life in it. For your consideration, my latest find. Below is a 5″ bench vise I recently purchased. I don’t know if you have priced a solid, 50 lb chunk of steel lately but it’s not cheap. A  vise like this is going to start at about $100.00 and go up from there.

Enter Craig’s List. I like to comb the “Tools”, “Photo + Video” and “Music Instr”. You’d be simply amazed at what you’ll find in there and for how much. As mentioned above, my recent find is this bench vise that set me back all of $20.00. I could not get there, and give the guy a twenty dollar bill, fast enough. I’ve been a bit under the weather so it had to sit on the garage floor for a week but a grand score none the less.

The only issues with it were fairly light surface rust and it had been out in the weather so it was mostly seized up well, and starting to fall apart ha, ha. I stopped by O’Reilly Auto Parts and picked up a can of  penetrating oil  and  heavy grease.  Less than ten bucks for both. Click the smaller pictures for larger, close-up photos. Not a bad finished product for less than $30.00 US.


The first thing I did was tear it completely down to parts and here are some shots of that.

Here is the disassembled vise. Notice the rust on the anvil, swivel lock bolt and Slides:










Here is a close up of the anvil with rust on it:










Here’s the base before it was brushed:










Here’s the Static Jaw before it was brushed:










Here are the vise jaws, screws and miscellaneous parts after I sprayed them with the penetrating oil:











Here are the same parts after I wire brushed them. Not completely done with all of them in this picture. I didn’t take a completed picture before I assembled it. I wire brushed every part though there was no rust left:










Here is the Dynamic Jaw after it was brushed:











Here is the Slide Insert after it was brushed:










With all the parts cleaned I greased it up good with the heavy grease from O’Reilly Auto Parts and started the re-assemble. By the time I was done there was no rust left on it and it was cleaned down to bare metal in places and the paint was buffed a bit in others. There is a photo at the bottom for some perspective on how large this vise is.

Here is the vise reassembled and bolted down:
















































Took a photo with a 15″ ruler and a Bic pen for some perspective on how large this thing is click the photo for a close up:




Click for larger Image
Eric asked below about the key that holds the jaw in place. Here are some shots of that:

This is a stop nub that goes in to

Click for larger Image


Same Nub

Click for larger Image



Click for larger Image


Click for larger Image


This is the key

Click for larger Image

Click for larger Image


Click for larger Image

Click for larger Image


This is the view from the other side where the key goes in

Click for larger Image


This is where the key goes in with the nub through that hole

Click for larger Image


This is where the stop nub from the first pictures goes in to

12 thoughts on “Larin 5″ bench vise from Craig’s List

  1. Dutch says:

    Hey now, just wanted to pop-in and say thanks for the info.
    About 1hr ago I stumbled across an eight incher left for pick-up on a curb-side. As oppossed to being rusty and seized she was well used and abused. The jaw had apparantly been over extended and was unable to close more than an inch. Turns out she was no longer in proper alignment; that was an easy fix. The tougher nut will be burrowing down through decades of grease, dust and metal filings to free up the swivel. I was planning on bathing her in deisel for a week but after seeing the pretty job you and the penetrating oil have done I think I’ll give that a shot first.
    Cheers from one fixer-upper to another.

  2. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Must have missed your comment here, sorry about that. I live for these types of finds especially when they turn out to be a great item like this vise, and youres. Hope all went well in the clean up on it. Thanks for the post.

    Fellow Fixer,


  3. Rob says:

    Excellent photos and explanation of your find and maintenance and care. I have the exact same vise but only 8 yrs old. I was simply wondering how to perform some sort of preventive maintenance on the vise, so I started searching, your blog came up. A great find. I paid retail for mine. as you said, $100.00 bux. thnx again Jeff.

  4. John Sundquist says:

    Long time since you posted this but maybe you still look at it. I have exactly the same vise. The problem I am having is that when I tighten the jaws the movable jaw starts to pivot and becomes misaligned from the fixed jaw. Took it apart and there is nothing apparent that keeps the fixed and movable jaws in line with each other. Thoughts or comments?

  5. I have a similar maybe even identical vise, a Larin 5″ Model APV-5S and the key has fallen out of the keyway that keeps the two jaws aligned and is now lost. Do you happen to know what the size of the key is supposed to be or where I can get a replacement key?

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  8. Craig Sellers says:

    I have the same vise. Bought 20 years ago. The one they sell at TSC the RBV-5 is not the same as mine though it is identical. I need the pipe jaws but I’m told that parts for my vise have been superseded and are not available. Any ideas ?

  9. Eric says:

    Hi Jeff.
    I just acquired a larin apv-5s. Works great but , as you can see from pics, both sliders swivel independently of eavh other. I believe a key is missing from the kkeyway on bottom of tube, but cant locate a parts diagram to confirm.
    Any suggestions.

  10. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the comment! I took some shots of they key and where it goes. There is also a small nub in the back to keep it from going out too far. Those shots are first.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, thanks. Thats just what i need to make a key. Great pics.

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