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Making stuff from old hard drives, printers and other computer parts

April 30, 2013 / by Jeff Avery

Thought I’d put up some pictures of the recycled computer parts I have decorating the office. Click the photos for larger, high res photo.

This is my most recent dust collector, hopefully it’s obvious. If not, it is the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Most of the parts are from hard drive, there are a couple parts from floppy drives and I made the main body out of 1/2″ aluminum stock on the lathe.

Uss Enterprise  USS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise


USS Enterprise

I love watches, and clocks, so I end up making a lot of these too. These are also mostly hard drives and old keyboards. The top clock had some older electronics parts I picked up off Ebay.





I have made a few flowers as well. Mostly hard drive and floppy drive parts.





This is a face I made out of an old 486sx laptop. Got the idea from someone else.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Hard Drive Motorcycle

Hard Drive Motorcycle

Little Resistor Man

Resistor Man

A new addition to the Hard Drive Flower collection

Hard Drive Flower

Hard Drive Flower


5 thoughts on “Making stuff from old hard drives, printers and other computer parts

  1. Polytech says:

    Pretty cool art, love the USS Enterprise. You must have access to a ton of drives. Let me guess: IT job :) ?

  2. Jeff Avery says:

    Yes, IT job. For a long time we had direction that they had to be taken apart before we threw them away so, better than a landfill :)


  3. Hi

    I like the fist clock with the resistors on the face and the platter base. How did you attach the stem to the rear of the discs. Can you post a photo please?

    Best Regards


  4. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Colan,

    Thank you. I bought those older resisters from Ebay a loooonnngg time ago. I don’t remember exactly how I did this one (and I gave it to a friend) but I remember it was two pieces and there was a part I used that connected them together in the middle of the post that went up and down and the post that connects to the clock. Normally, I usually use JBWeld to connect the parts together. That’s what I used to put the resisters on. I just use a toothpick and a very small amount so you can’t see it. In the back where the post connected to the clock, I use a bit more, but I usually have other parts around that so you can’t see the glue at all. I’m sure that’s clear as mud. Next time I’m over there, I’ll take some pictures of the back. Thanks again for the feedback.


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