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Dell Latitude ON / Dell Latitude ON FLASH

April 25, 2010 / by Jeff Avery

In November of 2009 I purchased a Dell Latitude e4200 and I decided to add the Latitude ON module to the purchase. It’s an ARM processor based add-on that allows you to boot a small Linux OS (MontaVista Linux) independent of the operating system. I set it up, tried a few things, and realized I would not be doing much with it until I could figure out a way to customize it somewhat. I recently ran across a Dell forum talking about a “Latitude ON FLASH”. After a little digging I found it was a separate module add-on with a few more features than the ARM based module I already had. The price of the ARM was nearly 4 times as much so I was intrigued about more features for less so I decided to pick one up. It was a bit frustrating to install because the instructions that came with it basically said “install the module”…nice. Mainly I was trying to figure out which of these would be a better option and what the pros / cons of each was. I found little to no information out there that really said anything so I thought I’d put this together.

The Latitude ON Original was an ARM processor based module completely self contained from the rest of the laptop. It can extend your battery substantially if you were simply looking to check mail and browse the web. The Latitude ON FLASH relies on the laptops processor so your battery life is decreased somewhat over the original but, with the cost savings, you could purchase the extended battery. Here is a side by side shot of both cards. The Latitude ON Original is on the left:

Click for a larger photo

Here you see the back cover removed (one screw…very nice) and the Latitude ON Original removed leaving the empty space and two antenna wires. Also the WWAN (Cellular Broadband) slot where the Latitude ON FLASH will go. Click on the image for a larger photo and markings for each slot:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

One of the reasons for this post was that the instructions were lacking to say the least. It was not clear as to whether you could run both cards simultaneously or only one at a time. The answer is you can run only one of these modules at a time. It may seem intuitive after the fact however, given the lact of documentation, I was unsure if they played off each other. The price was also part of this confusion. Given that the Latitude ON Original was a $199.00 option and the Latitude ON Flash is around $60.00 it seemed that the FLASH module was possibly a compliment to the more expensive module. This is not the case.

When I first installed the Latitude ON FLASH module I removed the Latitude ON Original from the laptop. I then installed the FLASH module (photos further down this post) and booted into Windows. When I installed the “Dell Latitude ON Flash – User Configuration Application for Windows” and the associated Firmware (all itemized below). Windows had me create a password for the Latitude ON FLASH user (It will let you create one of two users. Either a user with the same name as your Windows user account or a user named “user”). It finished up with a statement that I had completed the install process and I could press the latitude ON button and boot into Latitude ON. When I tried to boot to Latitude ON I received an error that the Latitude ON module was not installed and to see my Administrator. I played this game, in and out of Windows, for quite some time. I removed and re-added the software and modules in various combinations. Trying both, one and then the other module. I contacted Dell support and, while they were extremely helpful, they really could not do much for me. When I say they were helpful I mean that they did not have me try several pointless things to waste my time or theirs. The technician finally gave up after about 15 minutes of searching and said that he was stumped and that there was little information available on these modules yet. He said he would do some further research and contact me back the following day. I thanked him for not asking me to re-image my laptop and decided to keep plugging.

The resolution ended up being disparate BIOS settings between the two cards. I believe what would have made this much easier is if I had gone into the BIOS first and disabled the Latitude ON Original BEFORE removing it and installing the FLASH module. The Latitude ON Original has two options in the BIOS. There is an “Enable Latitude ON” and “Use Instant on mode” (both check boxes). The Latitude ON FLASH only has one option and it is “Enable Latitude ON”.  I’m not sure how, or when, I finally realized this but I believe that having the “Use instant on mode” checked with the newer Latitude ON FLASH installed was causing the issue. Given that the “Use instant on mode” was checked the system was looking for the Latitude ON Original card and since it was not installed the error that the Latitude ON module was not installed and to see my Administrator was thrown.

Once I unchecked both options in the BIOS (seen in this photo) I saved and rebooted the laptop. I went right back into the BIOS and the only option available was “the Enable Latitude ON option”. I checked that, saved and powered off the device. I pressed the latitude on button and went right into the new Latitude ON FLASH module.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON BIOS with both options

The photo above is the BIOS with the Latitude ON Original card installed. The photo below is the BIOS with the Latitude ON FLASH only installed:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON FLASH Only BIOS

Here is the start-up screen for the latitude ON Original. It is basically the same in the Latitude ON FLASH:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON Startup screen

Then the Latitude ON Logon Screen:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON Original Logon Screen

In the Latitude ON Original, once you log in, it takes you right to the email (Evolution) configuration script:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Setup Evolution Email in the Latitude ON Original

The settings in the Latitude ON Original were sorely lacking compared to the Latitude ON FLASH. Here is a shot of the Latitude ON Original Settings Manager:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude On Settings Manager

Here are the Mouse Settings from the above Settings Manager:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON Original Mouse Settings

For the Latitude ON Original, in the Settings Manager, thee is a System Configuration Option:

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Login Options

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Security Option

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Sount Alerts

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Power Management

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Language Options

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Diagnostics Options

Click Here for a Larger Photo

System Configuration Diagnostics Running

The network setup in both was a snap. They both have a built in VPN client (Thanks Joe). On the “Connection Type” page for the Latitude ON it states “Compatible with various Cisco, Juniper, Netscreen, and other Sonicwall IPSec-based VPN gateways”. The only option in the pull-down was Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc). I’m not sure if this is a one size fits all and they just call it the “Cisco VPN….” or if there is some other variable that controls this. You navigate all networking options by either a right click or left click of the signal strength icon at the top right corner of the screen. The options are different for right click vs left click.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Navigate to the VPN Settings

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON VPN Settings Options

Other options in the network settings are to enable one or the other WiFi or broadband. If you click the “Enable Mobile Broadband” radio button below it will dosconnect from WiFi and connect to the cellular card. There was no configuration for this at all it just worked when I clicked the “Enable Mobile Broadband” radio button. I have a Sprint card but I”m sure it would be the same from vendor to vendor.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON Broadband vs WiFi Options

One thing that really put me off of both of the modules was the fact that I don’t seem to be able to make any changes to the OS almost like it’s all read only. Specifically I use two Firefox plug-ins, NoScript and XMarks. In the Latitude ON Original I noticed I was unable to install either of these plug-ins. I then went to Adobe and attempted to install Flash with the same results. It appears to support Flash 10 and Java out of the box but I”m not sure if you are able to keep these current or they require firmware updates from Dell. If the OS is read only I don’t know how much of a security issue out data Adobe Flash/Java is but I know you could run into sites that don’t function if Dell falls behind on Firmware updates.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Adobe Flash Not Installed

When I opened the back cover this is how it was laid out. If you click the photo below you can see a large photo annotated. Notice the Latitude ON Original card (white) on the left. The broadband/Cellular/WWAN card is on the middle right. Above the WWAN card is the Dell SSD hard drive and below the WWAN card is the WiFi card.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Click here for an larger, annotated version of this photo

Here is a photo of the Latitude ON FLASH module installed in the WWAN (cellular broadband) slot and the Latitude ON Original removed:

Click Here for Larger Photo

Latitude ON FLASH Installed (Click for larger, annotated photo)

When installing the WWAN card I made the mistake of discarding the small rubber boots that slip over the antenna wires. I also ordered the laptop with the Latitude ON Original card pre-installed so I did not have the boots for those antenna wires either. I used a few scrapts of shrink tubing to cover the leads up. I would not recommend leaving them floating around bare or they will short something out.

Click Here for Larger Photo

Shrink Tubing Installed

With the new Latitude ON FLASH module installed you immediately start to see some graphical improvements. My photos are not the greatest but it looked much nicer.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Login Screen for the Latitude ON FLASH

After you login, using the credentials you created in your Windows environment, you are presented with a much nicer graphical start menu. Your options are Mail, Web, Chat, IP IPphone (Skype), and Remote Desktop. The bottom right corner icons are to shut down or boot back to Windows.

Click Here for a Larger Photo

Latitude ON FLASH Startup Screen

Once you select an option above you are presented with a more familiar Linux desktop. It is fairly intuitive to navigate even if you have never used a Linux PC before. The settings options were also much more elaborate than in the Latitude ON Original.

Click Here for Larger Photo

Latitude ON Flash Settings

The network settings were also heavier on the eye candy. Notice the WWAN No Device…..this is a show stopper for me but if you don’t have the broadband card and you just want to install the FLASH module in the WWAN slot it may be perfect for you. What I am reading says that the Latitude ON FLASH module can be installed in an FCM (Flash Cache Module) slot OR the WWAN slot if you do not have a FCM slot. I purchased this e4200 loaded but I do not see an FCM slot (or any slot for that matter) other than the WiFi and the WWAN that this ON module will fit into. If anyone knows the location or any more details please leave a comment (like is it under the keyboard or similar).

Click Here for Larger Photo

Latitude ON FLASH Network Settings

The Help screen for the Latitude ON FLASH is also fairly extensive. There was little or none in the Latitude ON Original.

Click Here for Larger Photo

Latitude ON FLASH Help Screen

Well, that’s about it really. I put this together for two reasons. First, if someone was looking for info maybe they would stumble on my obscure blog  and second, if anyone knows how to tell or where the FCM slot is on a Latitude e4200 please leave a comment.

The summary points of this are:

If you have the Latitude ON ARM based module and want to purchase the Latitude ON FLASH module remove the Latitude ON ARM module and disable all in the BIOS FIRST. You can then install the Latitude ON FLASH, go into the BIOS and enable it, then boot into Windows and start the install process.

Software for the Latitude ON FLASH (Links to Dell):


Firmware Utility

Windows Configuration Tool used to setup the user on the FLASH Module

If these links are dead for any reason just navigate to Dell’s website and go to drivers for the Latitude e4200 (I’m sure they are listed for other models but this model I know for sure) and the drivers are under “Applications”

79 thoughts on “Dell Latitude ON / Dell Latitude ON FLASH

  1. Natty says:

    Thanks for great information.

    I plan to buy new Dell Latitude E notebook soon.

    Can I buy new notebook with Latitude ON Flash but no OS Windows installed (Free DOS version)?

    And can I install Latitude ON Flash firmware, utility and application later by downloading from Dell website.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Natty,

    No problem, thanks for the comment. I am fairly certain that if they offer the model you are looking for with FreeDOS then the neither flash model would be a factor. If you can’t get a straight answer from Dell when you order let me know I’ll shake down our technical rep and ask him.

    The only software I have seen for the modules from Dell has been Windows based. You could download a trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise here,
    install the latest firmware for the modules (if they are not current when you order them), and then just install your OS of choice later.

    I don’t really see an advantage to having the software for either module installed in Windows. I have not used any of it other than to setup the device the first time. I don’t believe the separate power button has anything to do with Windows but if you tell me what OS you plan to put on the laptop when you get it I’ll take a look at what your options would be.

    Take care,


  3. Natty says:

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for your answer.
    I have my own Windows 7 retail version so I want Latitude FreeDOS (N-Serie) laptop. But Dell Malaysia sale staff said that Latitude ON Flash part must go with Latitude Windows model. Sale staff offer me Windows 7 Professional that cost me more about 140$. :(
    Now I’m very confused about this. How can I check all options for FreeDOS model?

    Thank you very much

  4. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Natty,

    There are a couple of options here. First thing I would check is if you can get it with XP and if it’s a free include. If they still offer XP I would imagine it is pretty cheap or free.

    Another thing you could do is order it without the Flash module and order the module separately later. It is VERY easy to put in. I believe they only sell the Latitude ON Flash module now and no longer offer the original one. It costs $60.00 US to purchase from Dell. Here is the link:

    I’m not sure how much they are charging if you buy it bundled with the laptop purchase but I think it’s $50.00 US so it’s only a $10.00 US savings if that is correct. One important note you can’t use an internal broadband (cellular) card and this Flash module at the same time. They both use the same slot. When you get the module it’s literally one screw that holds it in place and it plugs in to an existing slot. There are two screws you take off the back cover to expose it. I can send you a quick video on how to do it if you decide to go this route.

    I will talk to our sales representative tomorrow and see if I can get a part number to order it with the Flash module and no Windows. They may not do it but I’ll ask. Hope that helps.

    Take care,


  5. Natty says:

    Thank you very much. Jeff.

    That makes clear to me now.
    I appreciate for your help so much.


  6. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Natty,

    You are very welcome. I have not heard back from our rep yet, I’ll send him another email today. Good luck on your purchase.


  7. Lin says:

    Hi Jeff,

    do you know if Dell is planning add exchange 2007 or further more 2010 support in the future? or does dell has plan to add more features like RDP into the Latitude on card?


  8. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Lin,

    I have not heard anything from them yet but we just migrated to 2010 last weekend so I am pressing this one. I’ll post any feedback/plans I get here. Thanks for the comment.


  9. Joe says:

    ON Flash does not support VPN. You should modify your blog statement accordingly.

  10. Bob says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Any news on the Exchange support yet? I am planning to buy 60 laptops with or without Latitude On…

    Please let me know.


  11. cmupmoore says:

    It looks like your WLAN Card is about the same size and pinout as the Flash card (and same pinout as the WWAN). If you need your internal WWAN while using the ON feature, and you are willing to sacrifice your internal WLAN, you might be able to install the Flash module there instead.

    Of course, I think the ON module disables all external ports (USB, eSATA, Expresscards), so you could only use a separate WiFi card when booted into full Windows/Linux.

  12. Jeff Avery says:

    Hello everyone,

    I apologize for the lag I was on leave for a few weeks and just stopped everything ha, ha.

    @Joe, thanks for the information I’ll have to put it back in there and take a look at whatever made me believe there was VPN support. I thought for sure I saw it but I could be wrong. If not I will certainly update that and thanks again.

    @Bob, I fired off another email to the Dell staff I was working with on these answers and get back to you early next week.

    @Cmupmoore, Not a bad idea, I’ll try that and see if it works. I ended up picking up a Verizon MiFi instead (which I love by the way) but I would be interested to see if that will work.

  13. Jeff Avery says:

    I spoke to Dell today and they are working on getting me a few more details but they did say that Microsoft is working on a patch for Exchange 2007. The individual I spoke to believed that Exchange 2003 AND 2010 should work but could not verify on the phone. I said I would go home and try it out tonight to see. They are going to follow up and get back to me.

    Joe, you are correct there is no VPN support for the Latitude ON FLASH. There is VPN support for the previous Latitude ON card.


  14. P says:

    Hi, if you still have the ARM version, could you tell me if there’s a mini-pcie card in a socket under all that white plastic? Thanks!

  15. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi P,

    No, there are no other mini-pci card slots under either of them. That was one of my frustrations….that I could not have the WWAN card and the new Latitude ON Flash card installed at the same time. If you would like a closeup picture of any of it just let me know.

  16. Petter says:

    Jeff, thanks for your answer.

    I have a Latitude E6410 with Latitude on flash, and was hoping to swap in the ARM version instead. Too bad it’s not compatible :)

  17. Ansar malik says:

    I have a dell m4500, and want to have ON working.
    After speaking to dell, they say they don’t stock ON anymore.
    My question what should I be looking for in purchasing flash card etc. The software is available on dell website, more concerned with the hardware.
    Hope you guys can help!

  18. Jeff Avery says:

    HI Ansar,

    They have / had two models. The “Latitude ON” and the Latitude ON Flash” The Latitude ON Flash is more likely to have newer updates since it was the last one they did and the original (Latitude ON) didn’t last very long. I did a quick search on Ebay for “Latitude ON Flash” and found two (one for 130.00 and one for 144.00) but that seems high to me. Let me know if you have any other questions on it.



  19. Ansar malik says:

    Thanks for getting back to me. Two more queries;
    What is the difference between latitude ON flash and precision ON flash? Is it just the in the name or is it more.
    And finally do you think it’s worth going for the ON flash or WWAN?
    Thanks in advance

  20. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Ansar,

    Sorry for the delay. That is a good questions, I did not realize they now have a “Precision ON FLASH”. I’ll have to look into that. I would guess it’s just re-branded but that’s just a guess. With regard to the choice of FLASH vs. WWAN, for me, it would be no contest. I only used the FLASH stuff for about a month before I realized it really wasn’t that big of a thing. I LIVE for the ubiquitous Internet access though. WWAN wins hands down for me. Take care.


  21. Ansar malik says:

    Any further on the precision ON flash?

  22. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Ansar,

    I had not looked yet. I’m getting ready for Blackhat next week but I just did a quick check. I searched Dell’s driver site and all the links say “Dell Latitude ON Flash, Precision ON Flash, v.xx.xx.xx-xx-xxxx, xxx” So they mention both the Precision ON Flash and the Latitude ON Flash. When you click the links they go to the Latitude ON Flash drivers/firmware so it really does appear they are the same. I’m out at this conference all next week but I’ll reach out to the guy I was dealing with at Dell and see what he knows about this. Get back to you soon.


  23. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Ansar,

    Well, it appears that Dell has dicontinued the Latitude ON module line. The Latitude ON FLASH and PRECISION FLASH are the same thing with a different name. It does not look as though there will be any further updates so I think I’d hold off paying too much for one of the modules. If you want anymore details send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Sorry for the bad news.


  24. Ansar malik says:

    In the end I went for the Flash ON card. I bought it £60.
    My laptop is always at home, don’t really take it out and about.
    But the the superising thing is that when I installed the card I found there was a spare slot for WWAN card. So, I can install both cards. Something I will consider later on.
    But, want to thank your for this blog and advice, as before I really didn’t have a clue! Thankyou!

  25. mahouni says:

    well,i have a dell latitude E4200,,when i try to install the driver ( latitude flash ) it appears an error message : flash module not found..any ideas hoz to fix it .
    when i start my laptop with the latitude flash button it start just the latitude flash reader,,
    is there any way to fix that error ( flash module not found ) ?

  26. mahouni says:

    and when i go to the BIOS configuration i don’t find the latitude flash ON ,,to switch it on or off ??

  27. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Mahouni,

    I had a very similar problem and it turned out I was installing the driver for the wrong Latitude ON Module. There is the Latitude ON and the Latitude ON Flash. They take different drivers. In the very first picture in this post the module on the left (the one that has the white plastic and small yellow sticker on it) is the Original Latitude ON module. The one on the right (the smaller one with the metal support bracket) is the Latitude ON FLASH the newer model. Which one of those do you have? If it’s the one on the left you MAY have a harder time finding the drivers for it. Let me know which one you’re using and I’ll see if I can find the drivers for you.


  28. mahouni says:

    ok i will open it and tell you which one i have,,
    by the way do you know how to fix the CTRL + F11 fonction to restor my laptop to factory configuration ,, when i click it nothing happen,i waited till the dell logo appear and i click it but nothing happen,,!

  29. mahouni says:

    hello again,,
    i try to open my laptop but i can just open the little cas fixed with one screw,,i couldn`t open it all,,but i looked inside it and i guess i have the one thats on the left..

  30. mahouni says:

    hello again
    i have the same one like it appear in the second picture of this Post..

  31. Jeff Avery says:

    Were you able to get the screw off completely? If so the the whole plate slides about 6 mm and then lifts off. You push very slightly down on it and slide at the same time.

    The one pictured in the second photo is the original Latitude ON. Are you using Windows 7 or Windows XP? here is a link that has the driver on it. You’re looking for the “Latitude On Software” This is the link to the Windows 7 32 bit version.
    Driver Windows 7 32 bit:

    If you are using XP go here:
    from there you’ll need to select the operating system you’re using and then the driver is under Applications and you’re looking for the “Latitude On Software”.

    On the restore function that can be different from laptop to laptop and I don’t remember what it is for the 4200. It’ may not be CTRL+F11 have you ever used it before? Or, if you’re sure that it is F11 on that model maybe someone has fully erased that hard drive and reinstalled Windows on it? If they did that they may have erased the restore partition (part of the hard drive). I’m thinking you may get further on this one with a chat session on Dell’s support site. They are pretty nice and this one should be pretty straight forward for them.

    Hope that helps. Good luck,


  32. mahouni says:

    thanks for your help
    am downloading the software,,i will install it after its end,
    thanks again

  33. mahouni says:

    i installed it,and it showed a list of applications NOT INSTALLED
    and i can’t push the next button ?

  34. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Mahouni,

    Sorry for my slow response. I’m stuck on this one though. I did some digging and didn’t see anyone out there that described a problem like this. There may be another component you need before that one is installed. I’ve been super busy the past couple of days but I will see if I can really dig into this over the weekend and try and get that card working with the drivers Dell has on its site. Sorry I could not be more help. Have you tried a call to Dell? I know they were not much help when I was working on it.

    You could also post a question on this link. It’s old but they were helpful when I was looking for info.

    Good luck Mahouni hope it works out for you.


  35. mahouni says:

    thanks alot for you response :)
    i called dell but they weren’t that much helpful,,after i gaved them the laptop serial,they said that my pc was shipped with the LATITUDE ON redaer only :( ,, but there is that card on my laptop the one appear in the 2nd picture of this post,,so i won’t stop looking ;)
    thanks alot jeff,,

  36. rpan says:

    Hi Jeff, are you looking to sell your latitude on ARM? if yes I’ll take it :)

  37. Benjamin says:

    Thank for all your work on this Latitude On issue. I have an E4300 and an E4200. On 7/28/11 you explained to Ansar that “With regard to the choice of FLASH vs. WWAN, for me, it would be no contest. I only used the FLASH stuff for about a month before I realized it really wasn’t that big of a thing.” That has left me confused again after you did such a great job of explaining all this.
    What I am wanting to accomplish with Latitude On Flash is the ability to get “instant on” with my laptops for email and website access. I want to not only read but also to edit and send all day without having to recharge the battery. Like i can with my smart phone (which is also a “hot spot” to which my Latitude is connected). My fingers are too fat for the little keys on my smartphone.
    So, from your experience will the Latitude On Flash card with the downloaded software do this for me? Or am I wasting my time.
    Thanks again for your help on this issue.

  38. Benjamin says:

    Jeff, if I have read your blog correctly, I may have to get the Latitude On Original card to extend battery life and to have both read and edit capabilities. Do you know whether those Original cards are still available from Dell?
    Thanks Again,

  39. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    I must have missed your posts….sorry about that. It looks as though Dell has discontinued all development/sales in this area. I spoke to one of the lead engineers on this project and there was not enough interest so they moved on.

    The older module did do better on the battery and I have seen them from time to time on Ebay. I don’t have mine anymore (passed it on to a co-worker) but I do still have the newer one laying around somewhere. Downside is though there wont be anymore updates for either of them so I don’t think they’ll be of much use moving forward. Just my .02 though. Thanks for the comment.


  40. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Mahouni,

    I really fell behind on replies for this post. The second picture? This one:

    In that picture there is only the WWAN card (that’s the cellular card) and it’s on the right of the picture. The red outlined area on the left is just the socket where the original Latitude ON would go if it was installed. The original is the one on the left in the first picture. The one that appears to be wrapped in the thin white plastic material. Hope that helps.



  41. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi rpan,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I still have the ARM version but I don’t believe it would be worth much as it stands unless you have some specific plans for it. Dell has stopped support moving forward. If you’re interested in it let me know and I’ll send you an email.


  42. Brian says:

    I was curious if anyone knew if you could use this on the Dell E4310? I cant find anything online that says it would. I’ve tried to look up the part number and everything says that the “FW67Y” is only meant for the E6410 and E6510 but yet your using it on/or it came installed on your computer. Any help would be greats, Thx, Brian

  43. MAURICE says:

    I’ve got a dell lat e6510 with latitude on.
    i went to the bios and disable latitude on then switch off the dell. Guess what, its not coming on anymore.
    i pressed power button,latitude on button,nothing works.
    im sitting with a dead laptop just the battery light shows when you put on charge
    Any help

  44. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Maurice,

    Sorry for the delay, did you get your laptop back up and running? in this case I would check the obvious stuff first (sorry have to say it) make sure the battery is charged and the power cord is working. Do you get ANY lights on the device at all (charge light, power on light anything?). Also, it COULD be that the Latitude ON module is not seated properly. I don’t know if it is supposed to cause what you’re seeing but I guess it could. Hope this is all moot and you’re already up and running.



  45. Zakaria says:

    I’m from morocco and i have 3G sim card of 2 moroccan company (Meditel & Morocco telecom) with my laptop Dell Latitude E4300
    My laptop contains the entrance of the sim card in the back
    even if i install all broadband 3g drivers founded on the web and puting the sim card in the back nothing appear like 3G connection or driver needed.
    SO i need plz your help to use 3g in my country in this laptop
    best regards

  46. Zakaria says:

    I’m sorry Mr Jeff but i need also unlock my bios
    how can i do this?

  47. Jeff Avery says:

    Hi Zakaria,

    This stuff can be frustration, I know. On the BIOS password I found a page here that has a couple of suggestions. One is to try Dell for a password. If that does not work there is a link to another method. They also state you can call Dell and they can assist you through this. They will generate a one time password you can use.

    On the 3G card The first thing to do is make sure it’s seated properly (installed correctly and firmly in the socket). I have seen a few times where the card not being all the way in the socket would cause this.

    If it’s plugged into the socket firmly then I would check device manager to see if there are any “unknown devices” in there. It’s possible, if there are, that you are using the wrong driver?

    Good luck,


  48. Kevin says:

    Curious – which did you prefer? The original Latitude ON or the ON Flash? I’m looking at a used Dell Latitude with this functionality.

    Thanks – Kevin

  49. Hossam says:

    Thank u Jeff for ur great job here. I have Dell Lat e4310. It seems that all what i have regarding Lat ON is the reader, as the bios has only enable latitiude on reader option in system configuration section. I coudn’t reach the bay that should have the lat ON card, but I found a UWB slot under the keyboard. If I get a Lat On Falsh from ebay, may I install it in UWB slot? did u try to use the flash card in UWB slot before?

  50. Jeff Avery says:


    That’s a tough one but in the end I’d say, if I had it to do over, I’d get the cheaper one because it seems like the novelty wears off and it does not get used as much. If it was strictly about battery life I would get the older Latitude On model. If it was about a few more features and maybe a little (very little) quicker I’d probably get the Latitude On Flash.


    Thank you!

    My guess is that it would fit/function but I can’t swear to that. The thing you want to look for though is make sure there’s a way to power it on/off. The laptop I was using had a separate power button to power on the Latitude ON/Flash module. Hope that helps.


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